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This is a very common question while working in tattoo industry. Usually, time also defines the price of a tattoo, as thou the price for tattooing is per hour. It is hard to give an exact answer to this question. Duration of a tattoo depends on many things, such as the size of a tattoo, design (more detailed or not, colored or just outlined et c.), skin type of a client and also his endurance(and capability of keeping still after long hours). However always take notice that the time and price the tattoo artist gives you is not final and can be different, that means at the end it can cost you a little bit more than you expected or less. When having an appointment in tattoo studio take the whole day off, do not arrange other activities on the same day. You must not be in a rush, by this you are giving pressure to an artist and this also influences his work and state of mind. Take notice that he is drawing on your skin and has to be concentrated and has to take his time so that your new ornament becomes as beautiful as it can get.

Of course, it hurts. It is a procedure in your body, specifically skin. Some places hurt more, some places hurt less, and also the duration of tattooing affects the pain that is made during. It is good that you are familiar with your body pain level and adjust the size of a tattoo with it. If you decide for something huge take notice that you will have to be still a lot of hours, so prepare your mind for it. You being in pain and your body moving a lot can affect the work of a tattoo artist and also your final tattoo.

Take a nice rest and avoid stressful situations because that can affect your blood circulation and affect your skin reactions. Always eat well before a tattoo, drink a lot of water, proper nutrition is important for handling painful situations. If you will be doing a large piece of a tattoo consult with your tattoo artist about preparing properly your skin for tattooing. Moisturizing it really affects the process of tattooing, dry skin makes it harder for the color to fill in.

After the process of tattooing is finished the tattoo artist first cleans all the area with antibacterial cream and puts on professional film for the healing of a tattoo. It is a breathable, waterproof and flexible film which optimizes the healing process. The client leaves the film on a tattoo approximately 3-6 days, depends on the area. Afterward, you have to care for your tattoo at least two weeks which is a normal healing process. Two/three times a day wash the tattoo area with antibacterial soap and apply healing cream which is recommended by your studio. Most of the time you can buy this cream at the studio where you got tattooed. If you are not sure if your healing process goes correctly, you can always come back to the studio to check it up.